MyaMoon story began in 2014 when mother and daughter turned ones 25years of experience and others passion about jewellery design into a brand. Mya Kollo gave her name to the brand and Anu Lõhmus invested her skills in jewellery craftsmanship. They work together, dream and craft, create classy modesty with a twist and always looking for everlasting elegance.

All three main lines: Classy Basics, Minimalist and Designer, all designed perfectly to complete ones outfit, whether wearing jeans or dressing up.  

MyaMoon classy jewellery is made of sterling silver combined with carefully chosen gemstones. Every collection is shapely lined and timeless, everything rendundant is eliminated and diminished into pure geometrical yet ladylike forms. Excellently finished and simple, MyaMoon jewellery leaves everything to say to the bearer.

MyaMoon trademark has been recorded in the Register of European Union Trade marks in 2015. MyaMoon designs have been recorded in the Register of Community Designs by OHIM.